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Thaddeus D. Matula

Thaddeus Darien Matula, a native of Dallas, Texas, started his career in the arts in 1991 with work on a novel, "The Mobius Effect". He won an award with his adaptation of Stephen Crane’s "The Open Boat" (Jesuit College Prep., Dallas). Thaddeus Matula enjoyed great success in S.M.U.’s film school as well, where he directed seven films, six of which he wrote (including "Stanley’s End Game" and "A Photograph of Me"). He also penned a television movie ("Close-Up"). His short "The Dreamer" aired on PBS, and had regular runs at several theaters across Dallas and Ft. Worth. His films have been seen at the Deep Ellum Film Festival, Endeavor Film Festival, and the Dallas Video Festival. They have been well received by established producers and directors, Robert Rodriguez and L.M. Kit Carson to name a few. Recently Emmy winning producer Tom Bywaters commissioned Matula to write a feature screenplay based on the works of Sartre (The Respectable Citizens). His most recent film, "Fish Don’t Wear Clothes", is currently garnering accolades and will shortly be seen on PBS. Currently, Matula is hard at work on his first feature film, "Josephine".


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