Fish Don't Wear Clothes

Directed by: Thaddeus D. Matula

SFA Films, ShepherdStaff, Twin Flames & Double Life Films, 22min., 2001

In a retelling of the classic good cop, bad cop buddy formula, we find the remarkable Emil Sanderson and his truly unremarkable partner Karl Mahoney trapped in a tale of bad cops, good donuts. We also find Karl and Emil yet again trying to solve the Kennedy assassination, their not so subtle attempts are again thwarted but they are tipped of to a series of "somethings" going on in a rather nice Dallas neighborhood. Their investigation leads them through the trials and tribulations of cops on the beat. Unfortunately their lack of skills, training, and, well, anything at all lands them in a stakeout with dire consequences. Fish don't wear clothes is not a phrase that is in common usage, and while it is true that fish in fact do not wear clothes, it may never be known why our heroes' tale is titled this. But it should also be noted that because of this fact, sales of the magazine Playfish have never quite lived up to expectations.


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