A Photograph of Me

Directed by: Thaddeus D. Matula

Double Life Films, 25min., 2000

A Photograph of Me is the first in a series of three unrelated short films. Thaddeus Matula is shooting these films over the next three to four months, in preparation for his first feature length film that is set to start principal photography in May.

A Photograph of me is a dark tale of healing. Emotional wounds that aren't treated can fester until the unspeakable happens. In this mystery tale Sarah and Jude are healing from Michael's suicide. But the puzzle is- why did the seemingly happy Michael kill himself? Secrets unfold into a dizzying tapestry that the audience weaves together for themselves. It is a cautionary tale. The moral? You cannot truly be help to others if you haven't first helped yourself. The question you'll have to ask yourself is- what brought these people to this point? Find out the answer in January.

A Photograph of Me will be shot on 16mm film, and will possibly be blown-up to 35mm print after film festival acceptance. The film should clock in at just under 20 minutes.


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